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Wedding photos are one of the most common things in every married household. They hold precious memories of the day a solemn vow was made in front of your spouse and loved ones.
Masood and Team is a professional wedding photographer team spearheaded by Masood Aslami – an avid camera lover and a romantic at heart. As wedding photographers, we understand the need to capture natural photos that take advantage of scenery and mood to create timeless pieces that last a lifetime.
We go the extra mile to understand your love story because we believe every couple is unique. By doing this, we can capture the soul of your specific love through our lens. This extra step is why we ensure that our wedding photographer prices are tailored to your unique event and specific needs. To us, the real cost of a wedding photographer in Frankfurt is the level of creativity and craftsmanship in capturing your special moments.
With us, we’ll capture your special day's love, passion, happiness, and magic while focusing on the real, raw moments that give your event its personality.
Wir bieten nicht nur Hochzeitsfotografie in Frankfurt an, sondern auch Lightroom Presets für die Hochzeitsfotografie, mit denen Sie Ihren Bildern den letzten Schliff geben können.
Let’s help you make magic.



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